Oldest computer???

Which is the oldest computer??

        Well some would say ENIAC, others would say Colossus, what ever it is, im sure its not my computer :) because i just purchased it, didnt invent it :)

The Answer is : "Antikythera"

        It is an ancient mechanical computer which was being in use around 200BC (around 2000 years ago!!!). This device has been recovered from Antikythera Wreck (near greek island called crete), hence it gets its name "Antikythera". It is figured out that it was being used for two purposes, Astronomical and Astrological purposes. This device was used by greek astronomers for their research works!

        Above is the picture of the recovered Antikythera. Scientists say, there are large number interconnected gears and is very complicated than a modern swiss watch!!. This device was recovered in 1900-1901. It took around 70 years to understand the complete inner workings of the Antikythera. In 1974, Price published a paper "Gears from the Greeks: the Antikythera mechanism — a calendar computer from ca. 80 BC", where he explained the inner working of the device. Based on these existing information, attempts are being made to build a replica of it.

Below are some of the pictures of the actual device,

The following are the pictures of reconstructed device,

You can watch videos on net for more info, some video links

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